Camping and Dining Booking Form
Camping is available all year round but the pricing will change when the Longest Day Beer Festival is on (weekend nearest the 21st June for 4 days), so please contact us before booking your camping around these dates.

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Terms and Conditions
On arrival, please park in the carpark and take your copy of your booking to the bar to check in.

The camping tariff is £15 per pitch (maximum of 6 people including children) per night.
You may be asked to pay a deposit of £200 on bookings over 6 pitches. The deposit will be returned at the end of your stay if no damage has been caused
There will be a charge of £10 per person and £5 per child under 12 years old, per day. Vouchers for the amount you pay will be given to you in exchange and are to be redeemed against your booked meal in the pub. We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Booking is advisable as we can get busy at the weekends.
Opening Times
Breakfast will be available in the pub from10am (earlier by arrangement)
Lunch (Saturday and Sunday) 12-9.30 (Monday – Friday) 12-2.30 6.00-9.30

Camping Facilities and Information
When entering or leaving the camping field please ensure the gate is closed behind you.

We currently have an outside loo with a sink and a fresh water tap. It is located behind a black painted door opposite the pond within the pub wall. The pub opens at 10am, inside loos can be used then.

If you have a chemical toilet please pour the waste down the outside loo (only green chemicals please).

We have a large black bin in the camping field, and we would really appreciate it if you could put all rubbish in the bin or take it home with you.

Other things you need to know
Please could you treat our neighbours and other people around you with respect by not playing loud music after midnight or driving carelessly around the fields or carparks.

If you are attending an event with a bar, we ask you not to consume your own alcohol during the event.

Drugs are not permitted anywhere within the pub, gardens, fields or tents. You will be escorted off the premises and reported to the police if found.

Only food bought in the pub is to be consumed on the picnic tables in the gardens of the pub.

Picnic tables are not to be taken to your pitch.

If you should need to contact the NHS Direct in an emergency call 09012261786.
If you should need the police in an emergency call 08450454545.

We are an old country pub and it is very exciting for children to run around, climb trees, play ball games and generally let off steam, which is really good and healthy for them. However, there are dangers and we would ask for the parent or guardian to be aware of where they are at all times.

We have areas which are out of bounds due to being dangerous. The dangerous areas are fenced off; however, children love to climb over fences and may get into difficulty if they are not supervised.

Our pond is a real attraction for and children. During the tadpole season it is fascinating for them to see the tadpoles turning into young frogs. We don't mind them standing on the edge of the pond trying to catch a few (to be let back in soon after of course) but walking further in or throwing stones into to it can damage the base causing it to leak. Of course we know you will always supervise your child when they are close to water.

We are trying to be a modern pub so we welcome children into the dining room and the bars. We do however have a policy for children to leave the main bars by 9pm. We also prefer children under 14 not to come to the bars to be served when on their own.

Sadly, in the past, children have been left to their own devices and have caused hundreds of pounds of damage to private property. This had prompted us to ask for deposits on large bookings.

Again, it is great for dogs to be able to run about in the open, however while they are keeping their owners company in the bar or gardens of the pub, we would like them to be held close on a lead.

Our bars are very small and dark; sometimes dogs are hard to see so we would ask you if you could keep them away from walkways and entrances.

As not everyone like dogs, we like to keep our dining room dog free.

Please also remember the countryside policy regarding dogs not kept on leads, Farmers are within their rights to shoot dogs worrying their sheep and livestock, so be safe and keep your dog close by you on a lead at all times.

And finally, don't forget, we do have Pokémon's here but we have not yet found the poo fairy. Ask at the bar if your dog has left a calling card, the staff will be happy to supply you with something to clear it up with.

Finally we hope you have a fabulous time with us.
Any comments will be greatly received both good and constructive.
Thank you for choosing The Pub with No Name.